Curing Addictions

Known to be incredibly efficient when done right, hypnotherapy as a whole can be applied for curing a real range of diseases, addictions, phobias and fears.

Phobia therapy

A plane, a spider, open spaces or closed spaces. If you have a phobia, these and many more things can stop you in your tracks. Do you want to let go of your phobia?

Life Coaching

Life coaching gives you the opportunity to assess all areas of your life and allows you time to focus on any relevant changes. It can assist in breaking negative belief patterns and in the setting of new, challenging aspirations.

Stop unwanted Habits

NLP helps replace unwanted behaviours with behaviours that we want. It takes people through thought patterns of change. NLP helps people replace unwanted and unconscious thought patterns with conscious and thought-through objectives

Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety affects almost 1 in 5 people. The body's way of responding to stress and anxiety is the cause of many symptoms. The symptoms can be emotional, mental, behavioural, and physical.

Stop smoking

Much of smoking addiction is a mental attachment to the regular routine of smoking. How would it feel to breakthrough and take control of your habit and put smoking in your past for good!

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